Progress Update

This is just a quick update to let everyone know the progress of Aeon Timeline development.

I have just released a beta version of Aeon Timeline 1.1 to participants of our beta testing program (if you wish to join, see here:

This new version includes the following major features:

  • Additional calendar formats, include floating weeks (Week 1, Week 2), days (Day 1, Day 2), and hour (00:00:15).
  • Ability to set timeline precision (eg. Year only, Month and year, etc.)
  • Ability to set precision for individual events
  • Ability to set an event duration as an alternative to an end date
  • Add external links/file references to events (including ability to view them with QuickLook or open in an external editor)
  • Ability to display images on the timeline
  • Improved exporting
  • Added printing functionality
  • Many bug fixes and other minor feature improvements

The beta testing process will last until the release is stable, at which point it will be made available as a free update to existing customers.

Now that this release is mostly complete, most of the development focus will shift to creating a Windows version of the application.

17 thoughts on “Progress Update

  1. I am absolutely delighted to hear this. I lost a chance at a Macbook Pro that was in my price range today and was feeling really bummed out. Hanging out with a friend and having some good chocolate helped – but hearing that you’re shifting to Windows work is good too!

  2. Yeah, I can’t tell you how happy the news that a Windows version is in development makes me. I used AEON a lot when I had Scrivener on my Macbook Air, but I’ve since moved to Windows-based computers, and I’m missing AEON a lot.

  3. Hi, I was trying to download a copy of your software to test out the trial version. I am very interested in purchasing, however I would like to be sure it fits my needs. I noticed that the “download” link is erroring out. Is there an issue with the site?

  4. Hi, I was wondering, are there any plans to enable different arcs to have different calendars? (along the lines of Raymond E. Feists Magician books or sci-fi involving relativistic speeds making time move differently for different people?)

    If this is already the case, then just ignore this, I downloaded the 1.1 trial yesterday but didn’t notice any such capabilities.

    • Hi RHR:
      This is on the list of things I want to do longer term, but it is not in version 1.1.

      Aside from changing basic data structures etc., and the need to align all the different calendars at a particular point, the main difficulty is working out how to do this in a user interface without making it look either very cluttered or overly complicated.

      One option would be to only display one “calendar” at a time in the header bar, but allow the user to switch between which calendar to view…

      There is a similar need to deal with different time zones in a similar way, so I will probably address these needs together in a later update… although I expect it will be more a 2.0 thing than a 1.x thing (i.e. it would be a paid rather than free upgrade).


      • Ok, good to know.
        Besides needing that extra functionality, I like what I’ve seen so far.

  5. Awesome! I just discovered your amazing looking app but was disappointed to find no Windows version. As soon as you accept preorders I’ll put my cash down for your awesome work. Can’t wait!

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