Aeon Timeline Version 0.8 – Unified, Well-design Interface

Aeon Timeline version 0.8 is now available for download.

In the last two months I have been working feverishly with a user interface design guru, who contacted me a couple of months ago and offered to  provide assistance in taking the existing application towards a slicker and more current design ready for a commercial release.

Apparently, what this meant was he would apply his user interface design experience to completely re-design the interface, send me mockup after mockup of ways to improve the look and feel of the timeline, re-design the logo to be a little more dock-friendly, and create all of the toolbar icons for me.

The end result, needless to say, is far superior to the previous version, and leaves me quite embarrassed about the application people have been using for the last several months.

As of today, my embarrassment can subside.

Here is a summary of changes for this version:

Unified User Interface

  • The old Entity/Story Arc Views are no more. They have been combined into a single unified interface
  • New toolbar toggles allow the user to turn on or off relationships (replacing Entity View) and group by arcs (replacing Story Arc View)
  • Inspector is now available for Entities as well as Events
  • Improved graphical layout and design makes the application much more attractive and user-friendly
  • Context Bar made to look prettier.
  • Many usability additions, such as right-click menus to bulk change labels, double click to edit entity/event names in place, etc.
  • Updated toolbar with new custom-made toolbar icons
  • Gesture support, etc.

Updated Event Filtering

  • Filter Bar can now be hidden or shown with a toolbar option.
  • Filter Bar neater and easier to use, and provides more filtering options
  • Ability to save and load filters to make it easier to quickly switch between different groups of events

Scrivener Synchronization

  • Added ability to sync Aeon Timeline documents with Scrivener projects (see User Manual for details)

New XML File Format

  • Switched to an XML file format to assist with future compatibility with other platforms (we may create a Windows or iPad version in future)

Lion support

  • Added support for new Lion features such as Auto-Save, Versions, and Full Screen
Plus many bug fixes, and many more user interface improvements than could be listed here.

Follow the link for upgrade information.

Aeon Timeline supports automatic updates, which means you will be notified whenever an update is available, and able to download it directly within the program. If the program does not alert you automatically, you can choose ‘Check for Updates…’ from the Aeon Timeline menu.

Alternatively, you can download the latest version of the application by clicking on the Latest Version link at the top of the Blog page. The last beta was downloaded more than 500 times, and I hope even more users will test out this latest version. If you know other users who may be interested in the program and the direction the program is taking, please encourage them to take a look.

8 thoughts on “Aeon Timeline Version 0.8 – Unified, Well-design Interface

  1. Wow. WOW. What a difference! Looking good so far. Two immediate minor issues:

    – Changing a label colour in prefs closes the file window (doesn’t crash the app). Info is still there when I re-open the file, but the colour picker window is also still there, superimposed.

    – Window position/size isn’t remembered when opening a file.

  2. How can we help spread the word about your marvelous app here? I haven’t downloaded the new version yet (perhaps out of fear of what might happen to all the data I’ve already put into the current version) but this program is a total lifesaver.

    It helped me catch a near-disastrous timing error in a manuscript before it went to print, and it’s helping me plot out a very complicated historical fiction novel.

  3. This looks like such a cool program, but I have Windows Vista. I couldn’t figure out if this is compatiable or if I could download it at all. Any suggestions?

    • Hi, Sadly it is Mac only at the moment. But I do intend to build a version for Windows once the Mac version is released.

      • Thank you for taking the time to answer as quickly as possible. And I’ll keep looking for updates with Windows!

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  5. I discovered this new version today. Amazing! The first timeline application for writers. I love it so far. I’ll review it on my blog. Any plans to translate the application into Spanish?

    • After the first commercial release is done, I will look to add localisation’s.

      I will probably look for volunteers who can do translations for me, and translate it into any language I can find a volunteer for!

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