Beta Release 0.5.3 (Bug fixes)

Hi all,

I have uploaded another minor version to fix several bugs, hangs and potential crashes reported in the last few weeks of beta testing. This includes fixes for Exporting, changing label colours, re-ordering Entities, and creating timelines with earlier dates (eg. in the 1500s AD).

You can access it via the Latest Release page, or by running the auto-update inside Aeon Timeline.

This version comes with a CrashReporter, which will provide the user with a one-click prompt to send Crash information directly to me the next time the program has started. This will make it much easier to report bugs, and for me to fix them.

Again, apologies for releasing multiple updates in quick succession – but it is important to leave a stable bug-free release while I work on the remaining major features in the next few months.



4 thoughts on “Beta Release 0.5.3 (Bug fixes)

    • Hi, at the moment the date format in the date selector is locked to Day/Month/Year (I am Australian, that is our standard date format).

      The next release, due out very soon, will allow the user to switch between Day/Month and Month/Day format.

      • That makes perfect sense and I feel very silly. I write code for parsing and rendering dates … my only defense is that I ran into it on the bus on the way home after a long day of work. 🙂 Thanks!

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