Fantasy Calendar Screenshots

The next version is getting closer to release, and with it a new Custom Calendar system.

Each time you create a new timeline, you will be shown the calendar selection window. Along with a pre-configured standard calendar, this window shows other calendars that you have created, or allows you to create your own:

Each custom calendar can be setup with any number of eras (with a duration, backwards or forwards), months (with variable days per month), and weekdays. These calendars are edited in this window:

Finally, to select dates, I have created a new date picker control which acts like the standard Apple control, but displays the name of the weekday, and works with Aeon’s custom calendar system:

An alpha release working with the new custom calendars will be available shortly. For this release, I will also experiment with a few different ideas for the context bar and zooming.

I just thought I would post a few screenshots to show the progress.

7 thoughts on “Fantasy Calendar Screenshots

  1. I love it, and can’t wait to get my greedy hands on this upcoming feature. Thank you for posting the screenshots. Yay!

  2. I just had to chime in and agree with the general consensus. I too am eagerly awaiting this feature. This is a brilliant app and I’m glad to see that development is continuing to move forward.

    Onward and upward!

  3. This is exactly the feature I’ve been searching for in a time-line, but have failed to find. At all >.<.

    I have 10 published novels, all on a long fantasy-based calendar system, and have several more to go, and I find the current method of keeping track cumbersome.

  4. (first, please forgive my poor english. I’m korean.)
    I found aeon timeline a weeks ago. It’s very beautiful!
    My novel is modern mystery, so aeon timeline is very helpful for me.

    But I’m still waiting this new feature. Because I wrote SF/Fantasy, too. 🙂

    Thanks, good luck!

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