Beta Version 0.4.5 (Extended Expiry)

Aeon Timeline Version 0.4.5 has just been released. This new version is compatible with Snow Leopard, Leopard, and Tiger.

This new version just extends the expiry date for the current release, which is due to expire shortly. This version will not expire until the end of June 2010.

The next major release will be available very shortly, and will include the ability to nominate your own custom fantasy calendars.

Follow the link for upgrade information.

Aeon Timeline supports automatic updates, which means you will be notified whenever an update is available, and able to download it directly within the program. If the program does not alert you automatically, you can choose ‘Check for Updates…’ from the Aeon Timeline menu.

Alternatively, you can download the latest version of the application by clicking on the Latest Version link at the top of the Blog page. The last beta was downloaded more than 500 times, and I hope even more users will test out this latest version. If you know other users who may be interested in the program and the direction the program is taking, please encourage them to take a look.

There will be more posts in the coming weeks as I discuss and seek feedback on some of the more interesting and exciting developments still to come, including fantasy calendars, further improvements to story arc view, and more.

1 thought on “Beta Version 0.4.5 (Extended Expiry)

  1. Thanks for this! And a question : do you intend to implement an export function that would integrate AT files with Storyist? I know Scrivener is *the* tool for writing, but Storyist has these very nice plotting features which Scrivener, alas, totally lacks, like (automatic implementation of) plot points, characters, and places in a database. They are so useful when plotting, and especially plotting a series.

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