Still Alive

Hi All,

Let me start by saying that contrary to popular reports, I am not dead, and neither is this application. Progress has been very slow since around October last year, for a few reasons that I have listed on Aeon’s forum but won’t repeat here.

The good news is that I am now happy, healthy, and my workload will die down in the second half of the year, allowing me to continue development on Aeon Timeline and implement all the good ideas that people have still been coming up with in my absence.

I apologise for being so unresponsive, and not posting this message sooner. Initially I was reading the forums and just not responding, and then the weeks started to fly by and I hadn’t even had the chance to read over them.

I don’t expect a repeat of this problem again — certainly, once Aeon becomes a commercial problem, I will maintain responsiveness etc. at all times. But then it will hopefully be producing the income to make it worthwhile.

Over the next week or so I will read through the forum and messages on my blog and respond to any individual suggestions or questions properly, and most importantly, I will get back to work on the next Aeon version – it is too early for me to start forecasting the next release date.



2 thoughts on “Still Alive

  1. Hi! It’s great to hear you’re okay. I’m crossing my fingers for an early next release. Um…no pressure there, LOL…

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