Still Active…

Almost two months have gone by since my last post here, so I am just writing to let everyone know that Aeon Timeline is still being actively developed.

As I forecast after the last release, I am now in the middle of a large update to add the separate Story Arc view to Aeon Timeline. This is probably the largest piece of development left to complete on the application, as I need to write not only a new view, but make sure it is seamlessly integrated with the existing application.

At this point, I will not predict when the next beta release will be available. But it will be a big improvement. In the mean time, please continue to download and provide feedback on the existing beta release.

9 thoughts on “Still Active…

  1. This program has been a lifesaver! I’ve been working on a complex, multi-character historical novel and the grid system has allowed me to connect protagonists to events and what ages the people interact with what happens. The Inspector is great for me to save individual text, historical tidbits, dialogue, fragments, etc.

    REQUEST: The ability to move Entities horizontally across the grid to order them differently from what the program allows. Also, I entered the incorrect name on an Entity panel and have not been able to edit it.

    Thank you for this program.

    • You should be able to re-order them simply by clicking and dragging them to a new position. You can also change the spacing by going into the Settings.

  2. I found Scrivener recently and downloaded this program tonight when I found it on the Lit&Lat site. It looks pretty handy—I might try using it for my urban fantasy—BUT my main work that’s giving me timeline troubles right now is a high fantasy.

    I’m currently working with the years/seasons, not specific months, so I’m attempting to improvise by switching the years involved to A.D. and putting the earth month equivalent. (Calendar year starts March 2nd, ends March 1st.)

    It’s loading as I type this, so I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

    • Hello,
      Thank you for your comment.

      I am not sure how closely you have browsed through the forum, and user manual with the list of items that will be added to the program, but the ability to define your own fantasy calendar to use is one of the features that will eventually be added to the program before its official release.

      I have the Story Arc View to complete first, but after that, fantasy calendars and better exporting are pretty high on the list.

  3. I noticed that (a fantasy calendar was on the table of things to add eventually); sorry for not mentioning it. 🙂

    It looks like this may work with that improvision, which should help a fair amount. (It crashed the first time I tried setting it up, but it worked the second time. Don’t think I did anything different.)

    The fantasy world I made has 4 main calendars, see, and the character thinks in one calendar while living somewhere that uses another, and I think I messed that up in my current draft.


    • At the moment there is limited exporting as a PDF or image file. Better exporting that would be useful in word processors, writing applications (like Scrivener, StoryMill etc.) will be completed once the Story Arc View is done.

      I can’t give a timeline at this point, other than to say, I am aware it is one of the bigger priorities, but also something I want to make sure I get right, as it will be a very important part of a lot of people’s workflow.

  4. Thanks for the beta, which is very promising. What i miss the most right now is the Point of View integration and non linear narrative integration.

    The way a timeline and characters surface in the narrative is the backbone of fiction writing, and if you manage to provide authors with a tool that really allows to manipulate that, Aeon Timeline will be much more than what its current name seems to promise, and much more than its current counterparts. I can’t wait to see those two aspects implemented.

    Then, i think, i will be able go from research to writing without having to resort to Scrivener/StoryMill/Storyist or other such software, that I find both too limited on the research storage side, compared to pure notetaking software, and not specialized enough on the narrative brainstorming/designing side.

    Writers can always use old paper notebooks and cards for plot and character building, while being able to manipulate multiple POV / plot elements as you describe in your future features section would be a total plus, unheard of, and one that would make our work so easier!

    PS (unrelated) As a French literary translator i don’t mind using English software, but you should know there is a market for fiction writing software localized in foreign languages… Many pro fiction writers in France do use Macs but won’t work on foreign software because it implies mental gymnastics that distract them from writing… As far i as know, only one Mac novel writing software, StoryMill, is localized in French at the moment… But they did not even bother to translate the user’s guide.

    • Hi Nathanie,
      Thank you for your comments. The non-linear narrative is the section that I intend to develop next, once I release the next version in a day or so.

      I am always interested in hearing additional ideas, if you can think of ways your workflow could be improved. I don’t see Aeon replacing Scrivener etc, as I still think are better alternatives for getting down the draft and rearranging sections post-writing than trying to do the same thing in a straight word processor. But the planning stage, up until the writing, is something I hope to do.

      Localisation is something I will add (with the help of some volunteer translators, I hope!), but I will wait until the end of the development cycle to do so. There is no point doing it now, when so much of the interface is likely to change anyway.

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