Beta Release 0.2.2 (Compulsory Upgrade)

Aeon Timeline version 0.2.2 has just been released for both Leopard and Tiger users. Version 0.2.2 is a minor release following on from the previous major release.

This is a compulsory upgrade for all users. The previously released betas are due to expire on January 31st (users will have been receiving warnings with an incorrect expiration date of October last year for some weeks) and will not function beyond that date. This new release will be valid until June 31st, by which time several further releases will have been made available.

Key changes for this release include:

  • Updated Expiration Date
  • User Interface State (Inspector state, toggle ages on/off, etc.) is now saved with your timeline, so it will always open as you last saved it.
  • Date format for Entity View and Inspector can be controller separately, with the option to not display dates in Entity View.
  • Option to toggle between Day/Month and Month/Day format in the margin of the timeline.
  • Option to switch off the time display in the calendars.
  • Calendars now use 12 hour format plus AM/PM, rather than 24 hour format.
  • Document Icon created to distinguish Aeon Timeline files in Finder.
  • Numerous bug fixes: the application no longer hangs if dragging an event past the end of the timeline, the date format is saved correctly, you can filter on tags regardless of whether they are hot tags, and several display/interface bugs.

As has been the case for many beta releases, this new release also sees another update to the Application Icon also. This new and final version of the application icon has a metallic base which makes it much brighter in the Dock, matching the other application icons.


Aeon Timeline Application Icon

Aeon Timeline Application Icon



Aeon Timeline now supports automatic downloads, so Version 0.2 users can check for updates and download the new version from within Aeon Timeline. Alternatively, the latest version can be downloaded by clicking on the Latest Version link at the top of the blog page.

The next release will feature Story Arc View, as per the previous blog post and forum discussion. As this is a major development, this new release will not be available for some time.

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