New Version out this weekend

Just a quick note for those looking at this site or downloading the beta over the next few days, a new version will (hopefully) be released this weekend, so please check back again in the short term to download the newest version.

Changes for the new version include:

  1. Folding timeline – periods with relatively few events will be zoomed out (eg. shown as decades), but the timeline will automatically increase the zoom around key areas, such as multiple events in a month or day.
  2. Tags and Hot Tags – events can now be tagged with keywords, and important tags can be shown on a header bar, allowing you to filter the events that are shown with a single click.
  3. Customisable Labels – the existing ‘event colours’ have now been expanded to fully customizable labels. You can now add and delete labels, change their titles and colours, and set a label as a default.
  4. Age-less Entities – characters have been expanded to ‘entities’. They no longer require a birth/start date, and can be added, deleted, and edited via a control window. All of the existing functionality with ages, etc. still remains available.
  5. Improved interface – new header and footer bars have been added, and selected events now ‘pop-out’ of the timeline. You can also, via preferences, change the width allocated for events before the first entity is listed, and change the spacing between entities.
  6. Various bug fixes and minor enhancements – notes auto-save, fixed bug in preventing overlap of events, validation to ensure events have an actual title, more fields have been added to the Add Event window, etc.
  7. Automatic Updates – The new version (and all subsequent versions) will be able to check for automatic updates, so you will not need to check back to this page as regularly.

The new version should be a great improvement in usability for a lot of people. I will be finalising the application and updating the documentation over the weekend, hopefully for a release early next week. I will post again on the direction the development will take next once that is done.

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