SUMMERFEST 2013: Discounts on Great Writing Tools

To coincide with our release of version 1.1 (see post below), Aeon Timeline has teamed up with the developers of some great writing applications to provide discounts on some of the best writing tools on the market (from now until June 14).

This is not a software bundle where you pay your money to a third-party to bundle together 9 apps with the 1 application you want. Each application can be bought individually at a discounted price directly from the developer.

Each participating applications – Scrivener, Scapple, Tinderbox, Movie Draft, Nisus Writer Pro, and Bookends – is crafted by dedicated small or independent development teams who care about the quality of the final product.

And most of the applications offer free trials so you can evaluate the application before committing to a purchase.

For more information about the participating applications and individual offers, please look at our special SummerFest offers page here:

If you are thinking of purchasing Aeon Timeline but have been sitting on the fence, Aeon Timeline is available at a discounted price too.

Introducing Aeon Timeline Version 1.1

If you have visited launched Aeon Timeline or visited our website in the past 24 hours, you may have noticed that version 1.1 has just been released.

Aeon Timeline version 1.1 is free for all existing Aeon Timeline customers. This is a significant update that provides the following new functionality.

A few highlights:

  • External Links: Add links to files stored externally from the timeline. Display images directly on the timeline. Open any linked file from directly inside Aeon Timeline using QuickLook or their default application. Use Aeon Timeline as a central hub for other time related information and research.
  • New Timeline Styles: Version 1.1 introduces new timeline styles to go along with the existing standard date/time format. Use year-only calendars spanning anything from centuries to millions of years. Use relative formats to create timeline events that occur on dates like “Monday, Week 5” or “Day 4, 11:00am”. Use the time-only format to create short-duration timelines for movie planning or emergency response.
  • Event Precision and Duration: Decide what precision to use for each event individually.Omit time of day, day of month, or month of year. Directly enter a duration for an event instead of always calculating an end date.
  • Printing and Exporting: Image exporting has been improved, and printing has been added, so you can capture exactly what is displayed on the screen.

And too many other changes including a “completed” property for events, the ability to measure the distance between events, improved timeline settings and additional display options.

We have updated our videos section to provide a video introducing the main features listed above, as well as posting public links to other videos we have made in the last year.

Links to help get you started with the new version:

To upload, choose “Check for Updates…” from inside the Aeon Timeline application, or download it directly from our website: As always, a free trial is available for 20-days of actual use before you commit to purchasing.

Note to AppStore customers: Version 1.1 is coming to the AppStore as a free update too once it is approved by Apple’s review team.


Matt Tobin

Progress Update

This is just a quick update to let everyone know the progress of Aeon Timeline development.

I have just released a beta version of Aeon Timeline 1.1 to participants of our beta testing program (if you wish to join, see here:

This new version includes the following major features:

  • Additional calendar formats, include floating weeks (Week 1, Week 2), days (Day 1, Day 2), and hour (00:00:15).
  • Ability to set timeline precision (eg. Year only, Month and year, etc.)
  • Ability to set precision for individual events
  • Ability to set an event duration as an alternative to an end date
  • Add external links/file references to events (including ability to view them with QuickLook or open in an external editor)
  • Ability to display images on the timeline
  • Improved exporting
  • Added printing functionality
  • Many bug fixes and other minor feature improvements

The beta testing process will last until the release is stable, at which point it will be made available as a free update to existing customers.

Now that this release is mostly complete, most of the development focus will shift to creating a Windows version of the application.